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OMG Brooklyn

I'm practically a resident. Twice in two days to 3 different parts of the borough (Williamsburg, the Botanical Gardens, East Flatbush). But dang, I didn't document it with a photo. D'yall believe me? Here's the words version: Had a delicious lunch at the Yellow Magnolia Café with the great poet Maureen Owen, who I haven't seen since before the pandemic. Seeing her was terrific (as was the daikon salad) & we made A Plan, which shall be revealed in due time. Then off on the same train (not that I could find it again) to see my friend Debra, who took me to a friend's opening at Brooklyn College, of remarkable small (& 4 large) b&w paintings from a series called "ref-u-gee," a solo exhibition of works on the theme of forced migration by Audrey Frank Anastasi. If you find yourself deep in Brooklyn, very worth your while to check out the show

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