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A dream about a car

I dreamed last night about my '73 LTD, Ford Madox Ford. I loved that car. I'd painted it with matte house paint, white & light green, & written lines from poems of mine along the body:

Dreams aimless as destinations


It will be easy to drive away from this


I got stopped by the cops all the time when I drove that car anywhere outside of New York City. They usually said: Just wanted to see who would be driving a car like this. 


In my dream I gave the car to a couple from New Jersey who were having a baby. It's too hard to park, I said. And with regret: I've had that car for 20 years.


In reality, I haven't had that car for 20 years, more like 25. I sold it for $1 to Eileen Myles, her first car. 


I woke up satisfied. Restored.


I'm only me as a driver.

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