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More Pittsburgh

One of many impressive churches. Johnny calls the architecture here "flutes and spires."

It really is fun to pick a place & see what's there. Could be any place ~ I could throw a dart at a map & find something amazing & wonderful if I went wherever it hit. Today we saw contemporary & classic art at the Carnegie, rooms sponsored by many nations at the Cathedral of Learning, absolutely the coolest classroom building of all time. We drove through the rich neighborhoods of Shadyside & Squirrel Hill, & I went for a walk & found my way back to the hotel. The information guy at the Cathedral of Learning said that in Pittsburgh, neighborhoods tend to stay intact, so the Polish or Italian areas, for example, are still Polish or Italian. This city is, he said, as diverse as New York. 


Another day, another taxi driver. Do you have a drunk in that bar fight? I asked referring to the Fetterman-Oz senatorial race. He laughed & said they're all drunks & he didn't care. Hmmm. What the heck? 


Tomorrow the Incline up Mount Washington, the Andy Warhol Museum & home early Sunday. 

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