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The view from our hotel in the East Liberty area, near Shadyside. 

A woman at the airport said, admiringly, you're adventurous, coming here without knowing anyone, just because you've never been. It's only an hour or so away on the plane & it feels, if not adventurous, fun to be in someplace completely new. Very pretty, with changing leaves, & big views & the rivers. 


The cab driver seemed great & told us that the Monongohela is one of the few rivers in North America that flows north. Great until he let slip his racist politics. As soon as I said mildly, "but don't you think that [ethnic group he looked down on] came here for jobs just like anyone else," he totally changed his tune. My fault, I asked what he thought of the senatorial race here. 


I wrote a post yesterday that somehow didn't get saved & now I don't even remember what it was about. I think it was to say we were PA-bound. Someday (maybe tonight?!) I will sleep & then I expect to remember things. It's so strange to be somewhere other than the East Village with Mr. No-Travels Johnny! 

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