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Prose Poem of the Week

New Table


I bought a table yesterday. My mom came to visit and I paid half her ticket so she said she'd buy a table. I threw mine out one day & never replaced it. So there was nowhere for her to make dinner for Johnny & me. It's a great table, what they call at Conran's a gateleg; it folds to 8" but seats six when it's open. Since Johnny wasn't due till late, I put 2 frozen Old El Paso chimichangas in the oven & a plate on the new table. Johnny came early & we sat on the bed as usual, while he ate my dinner as usual, & now I've put Eileen's Olivetti on the new table. I have Eileen's Olivetti because she bought a word processor. I borrowed hers because the "l" and "u" stick on my Smith-Corona portable. JK found the exact same model on the street but for some reason brought it here instead of home so it's under my bedside table. He has Maggie's electric because she got a Macintosh computer. Before that she had Yuki Hartman's typewriter because hers was stolen when they lived on 9th Street, she & Rachel, not she & Yuki. John Yau explained how to reink ribbons then we realized they only cost $2 & even at the place in the West Village $2.50. Tim has that typewriter of Yuki's now. My previous typewriter was a very light & small portable in a red leatherette case, my brother's, as was this one after mine was robbed. At a Goodwill in Florida I bought a typewriter for $15. Janet & I were stunned at how classy it was to type our postcards. Johnny has that one because his was an antique & really horrible to use. I almost took a typewriter to Mexico so I wouldn't have to write by hand for 4 months. I went around looking for a toy typewriter that actually worked, light but with all the letters. Poems for dinner, I guess.




A snapshot of East Village life circa 1987.....

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