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What I'm reading

I think how little we can hold in mind, how everything is constantly lapsing into oblivion with every extinguished life, how the world is, as it were, draining itself, in that the history of countless places and objects which themselves have no power of memory is never heard, never described or passed on.

~ W. G. Sebald, Austerlitz


I was trying to find something on the philosophy of memory, & was surprised to find how many books & papers there are that address this. But every search included one novel: Austerlitz by W. G. Sebald (1944-2001). It's compelling, for sure, despite the lack of chapters or even paragraphs, not to mention my lack of understanding. But I feel I'll get somewhere with it. Very vague, to be sure, & I'm intrigued by being so interested in a book so unlike my usual taste, that is, without the help I rely on from the author (recaps, for example). 

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