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The Ides of March

My Latin teacher, Miss Skaff, had two sayings: 

* "Shouldn't you know this?" Yes, we should. Luckily no one in the class was a language genius, so we bumbled along not knowing & not thinking too much about it.

* "You have an advantage." To this day, I believe that Latin was the single most useful class I took. It gave me not only a vocabulary but a feeling for the origins & development of words. 


In all my years of public school, Latin was the only class I had with fewer than 30 students. So we were tight by 4th year, & still are, up to a point. 


I refreshed Latin on Duolingo recently & was pleasantly surprised at how much I still had in me. 


O the togas of our Latin banquets! 


I remember finding or figuring out that all the months had ides. 

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