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Sand in my shoes

Sand & surf look like sand & surf anywhere but the ugliest lamp ever was only in Freeport, Long Island. It's LARGE. This photo does not do justice to its appallingness. 

Mitt barnebarn had the day off & spontaneously we went to the beach. We chose Freeport I remembered boats & canals from an afternoon 25 years ago, but in that time its main street turned cheap & rundown, & the only open restaurant we could find was overpriced & mediocre. And what's with people answering your question (is there a beach nearby?) with their opinion ("it's too cold"). The first beach turned out to be a bird-watching walkway that was near promising dunes but not acually beach. But we got there (Jones Beach) at last & breathed the surf in, & the girls picked up shells, & their mom & I had deep wandering conversation. We drove home into the sun, full of love & laughter.

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