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Poem of the Week

(possibly still in progress) 


For the Union Dad


shiny as a frog that swallowed a firefly

a tiny car with a large pride flag

an overcoat day makes green greener—


coffee is the most beautiful color


I love gravity

even left-handed gravity

so democratic, except—




I await my husband

hoping to get sparkly together

the "d" is silent, the husband is not 


the clouds another ridge

of mountains

behind the mountains


1985? What year was that?

I don't know about that look

           unless you're going for Amish war bride.


while she just goes around being pretty


your face

must be

in a different



than where

I was looking


what disappears when I do?

moons & Junes & sleepiness & rainbells

the sun is in Barbados for the winter


lamplight in the moonlight

and short dogs growing from aloe plants

rosy-fingered Dante & you were crying

where the winter has gone


everyone felt sorry for him

for having a girlfriend

who would put up with behavior like his


I grew up on a cotton candy plantation

we rock back but we'll roll forward

I lived the life I wanted to.


before the 16th century, it was considered vulgar

to know anything

as intimate as the date of your own birth


don't be getting all big boy on me

not on a day as short as a dollar

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