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The nerve-wracking nature of tech

First Johnny got a new phone, & it was left to me to assemble the case, which involved a video that I watched more than once, & dozens of parts. But it worked & his nice new phone should be safe from his careless ways. Then I upgraded my iPad so I could take advantage of Fitness+'s new offerings, Pilates & Meditation. But that meant I had to upgrade my apple watch, which meant I had to upgrade my phone, which didn't cooperate at first, possibly because I have used up too much storage, even though I got as much as they had when I bought it. Or maybe because everyone was doing the same thing at once. Anyway, it makes me nervous but eventually it all worked & hopefully I can ignore all these machines again for a while. Imagine if your car had to be upgraded over & over. Cars & computers—the things we don't want to have to think about. 

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