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Saint Hans Day in New Jersey

Yesterday my Norwegian class took a field trip to the Sons of Norway lodge on Lake Telemark, NJ, to celebrate St. Hans Day, or midsummer, with a (controlled) bonfire, snacks, & lots of Norwegians. I går gikk klassen min på ekskursjon til Sons of Norway Midsummer bål ved Lake Telemark, NJ. We had snacks and raspberry beer (which tasted like raspberries, not beer — I liked it) and plenty of laughs. Vi hadde mat og bringebærøl og masse latter. I like my class & am amused that this is the world I find myself in. A couple of the ladies were very persistent: BUT ARE YOU NORWEGIAN? I said South Dakota blah blah cousins blah blah honorary Norwegian blah blah. They weren't buying it. And I still don't like lefse. Oh to be, even once in my life, at home in the world. Hjemme i verden. 

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