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Poem of the Week

Cursing in Norwegian

                                for Marie-Therese & my fellow Norwegian learners




I didn't think you could swear på norsk.  

Those liberal, uptight nordmenn,

what do they have to cuss about?


Honestly, El?

Don't be a drittsekk.


Well, OK, but

it doesn't sound like bad language. I mean, I can believe

en hjem is a home & melk is milk

but knulle? møkkakjerring?

lakensamba? (that's just cute:

"sheet dancing")


Let's invent the Mother Rule, the morsreglen:

Can I say it to your mom?


Wait, what? I can't make up a Norwegian word?

Hvorfor ikke? Why not? Why not? 

If I can't swear, I can't talk.

You flipflop flattop!



May 2021

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