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NauenThen: Something's up & I can't add posts at the moment. The tech people at the Authors Guild are trying to fix it. Back as soon as possible! 


Do I have traditional birthday post? Apparently not. Last year I wrote that there was no snow so it wasn't the best birthday ever. 


Today has been.


First, yes, it snowed. Not only that, it was one of those perfect soft no-wind serene snows. I went out early & loved feeling that not only was it snowing, but we were only a few hours into my birthday: What might happen? I wasn't expecting a gift from Johnny but he got me an Apple watch. And my birthday twin Justine, who moved to British Columbia last year, sent a gorgeous bouquet. There are flowers in my house! Dozens of calls, including the traditional long catch-up with my one-day-younger cousin, messages, texts. And my Norwegian class sang a traditional norsk birthday song to me last night. And my best friend & I went for a birthday walk. And I got to see my birthday twin granddaughter, Meagan, on the zoom. 


I had expected a constricted birthday because of the pandemic, but it was so full of joy & love & possibility. Memorable: I remember snowy birthdays more than most others. 

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