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Books I have more than one copy of

Alice in Wonderland (3)

Parade's End, Ford Madox Ford (possibly 3)

Mark Harris's Henry Wiggins trilogy (although one got stolen when my car was stolen—more valuable than that grimy Toyota)

The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats

The Build-Up, Pictures from Breughel, Autobiography by William Carlos Williams 

Margaret and Dusty, Alice Notley

Lots of different editions of the same works by various poets but that doesn't quite count.


Why do I have duplicates? Oh, you know, someone is throwing it out or you find it on the street & you are dazzled into thinking maybe you don't already have a copy & you can always use another & maybe you'll present a copy to some young poet in a burst of generosity. Because you can't find it in your place & you think you must have presented your copy to a young poet & you buy it for $1 at the used bookstore because $1. Because you & your beloved each had a copy before you merged books. Because when you're looking for it, having more than 1 copy doubles your chances of finding one. 


And then I wondered if I could find a copy of Zukofsky's "A" at Mercer Street Books & then I wondered if—oh no!—if they are even still open. Barely but you can help. Of all the restaurants & bookstores & other businesses that have closed, this might be the one I would miss the most. They are hanging in but if you can, drop a buck or two to their GoFundMe.

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