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The old days

It's late, I'm fading, have nothing to say... BUT! I can drift back to the old days & without a doubt something will come to me... Such as... Oh hmmm, still have no thoughts... Maybe I'll relate the amusing reason I missed karate today. I was all set to go, bike helmet on, & then—where was my coat? I couldn't find it anywhere. I went home & there it was—I had walked out & to work without a jacket, on a 30-something degree day. Well, not a big surprise, since I'm largely impervious to cold, but it discombobulated me plus I had a ton of work & an hour talk with Susie & postcards to construct & send & I learned some expressions that form the continuous present as that verb form doesn't exist in Norwegian. Whew. So no karate. I guess it's a new day not old ones but I'm not fixing this. Zzzzzz. 

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