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Today joy, tomorrow Georgia

I should be happier. Thrilled as I am that Biden-Harris have dispatched tRump-Pence, I am disturbed at how many people who did nothing beyond voting are not only taking credit ("we did it!") but clearly ready to go right back to their uninvolved ways. In her speech last night, Kamala Harris quoted John Lewis: "Democracy is not a state," he said. "It's an act." We must act. We must be ever-vigilant. We must let our respresentatives know what we expect & pressure them to deliver. We must pay attention.


Beto O'Rourke's close race in Texas two years ago galvanized the Republicans, & they took back the state in a big way this election. The Democrats seem to have assumed that once the move to blue was begun, it could only increase. 


Look, I could have done more. The places where I focused did come through Dem, so I can feel like my hundreds of phonecalls & dozens of postcards maybe were a drop in a bucket that filled up blue. But there is always more to do, & I don't know how to convince anyone that it matters that they participate (more than on Facebook!). 


Maybe I'm burying the lead by mentioning the death of Jonathan Sacks, the modern Orthodox chief rabbi of Britain, only at this point. While not in sympathy was some of his positions, I admired him enormously for his moral leadership & clear writing. His short video on antisemitism is an important reminder that we cannot let down our guard. We must pay attention. 

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