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Poem of the Week

Another Poem About All the Love in the World



what's wrong with being superficial, anyway?

what's under Manhattan?

rocks, roots 'n' rats


excuse me, can I have a bite of your slice?

if you were a pigeon, would you care if you died?

excuse me, how tall are you?


are pigeons more enlightened than we are?

why didn't someone tell me how awful it was

I don't expect god to tell me what to do


excuse me, why are you walking so fast?

excuse me, how are you able to walk so fast?

excuse me, who won the game?


the head it hurts

the mind it aches

the eye forgets to see



woke up, smoked a secret cigarette, had torrid sex,

ate an everything bagel (toasted) with cream cheese,

worked hard, slept well, went


to the beach, oh this life of ours,

it will go on like this

forever because why would it change when I love it so much

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