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Poem of the Week

Staying Awake


Dad loved voting

first in his precinct

he let me pull the lever

to clank-close the curtain


I step into a shimmering pool

but there's no water

the concrete waves in sunlight

what I reach for isn't there


what are you,

my Welsh cousin asked

Jewish? English? white?

not quite


Dad believed in voting

as immigrants do

and in America

& what we kids could do


how pleasant to be immortal

in sunlight flipping

through plane trees

neighbors with dogs walk by


they're at home

cops get ready

some challenge the air

some relax before they start up tough


it could be a hundred years ago

or a thousand

people dream

a future & a past & perch


right here, one laugh, one hairdo.

one steel can, a pigeon,

a schoolbus, a man

the air so rich we can't stay awake


You, not-old Chinese lady with curved back,

what can you tell me about your native town

or farm? Or is that the Bronx in your mouth?

the air so rich we can't stay away


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