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Pet Peeve #1,218

If you get an email from me, you will see my name on it no fewer than SIX times. So when you respond to me, how hard is it to write "dear Elinor" & not "dear Eleanor" or "Eleanore" or "Elinore." 


I myself struggle with the near-identical twins Michele & Michelle. But you know what? I take 1 extra second to check whether this particular correspondent is Michelle or Michele.


It's not that hard. 


It happens a lot. 


Elinor Elinor Elinor Elinor Elinor Elinor

There it is, 6 times. 

You don't have to remember: it's right there in front of you. 


One person ignored me, the other didn't apologize but said he was a victim of auto-complete. I'm the victim, I said. 

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