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House Reunion 1976

Of the 10 people in this picture that I knew when it was taken, I have seen or spoken with more than half recently. They are some of my oldest & closest friends. I love to look at us then & think about how much more beautiful we are now, with the richness of our lives building our faces & characters & friendships. 


Time Wasn't Linear


I have never been disappointed 

in anyone who was part of the House

it was formative


how I knew the world

I wanted

was possible 


We arrived & were enlightened

— just like that! —


then spent the next 50 years

believing it


though we always acted

with belief


the big bang of understanding

as we reassemble the shards


We're from Syracuse & Spartanburg,

Bridgeport & Sioux Falls,

Alabama, Ohio & Tennessee 

but our true homeland is The House

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