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Poem of the Week

Why I Am a Karateka, After 12 Years, When Everything Hurts & I've Suffered the Coup de Vieux (the Blow of Age)


I wear pajamas & go down on the floor

when the instructor says "stomach touch" &

then I do pushups.


I get bowed to & the color

belts have to know my name & I know if they don't.


I like to work hard at something I'm no good at.

I don't mind working hard at something I'm no good at.


I was the only one to do basic self-defense #2 correctly.

However, I switched my feet to match, so not only was I wrong,

I lacked the courage to be right.


The black belts laugh all the time.

We have to.

We make so many mistakes.


It was a typical class.

It was a terrific class!

As Sensai Albie would say:

That's one they can't take away.


The wood floor with 40 years of sweat & polish.

The big mirrors, where you can disappear.

My legless armless boyfriend Bob

that I can beat up!

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