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Totally self-indulgent post

The people I love most in the world: Lindsay, Julia, Patrick, Charlotte, me, Johnny, Donna, JT, Barbie, Ken, Richard, Ilona, Amy, Rachel, Michael, Zoe, Varda, Jeff, Henry, Adrienne, Tom, Viki, Jim, Ian, Lara, Jaymes, Hannah, Jonah, Michele, Dave, Peta, Margit, Charlie, PJ, Aleah, Annie, Emmett, Sara, Ben. At least another dozen were on the call but missed the photo shoot. 

This is a few dozen of my FCs—Favorite Cousins. Some are siblings, nieces or nephews, & many are removed or 2nd or 3rd cousins, but the best thing you can be in our family is a cousin. We all call each other FC & have physical reunions often. We had one this afternoon by Zoom, & I think I dislocated my jaw smiling. What a lovely, loving, positive bunch. I don't think any of them read my blog or know I write it, so this is just pouring all that beautiful energy & love into the ether. 

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