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Are you listening

The "blood harmonies" of Bill & Earl Bollick get me every time.

Woke up today reluctant to go out (I go every day to my office, three unpeopled blocks from my house). There were five cop cars, lights on, pulled up haphazardly up the block between 3rd & 4th, & a guy I know from the bodega said there'd just been a gunshot on 2nd Street. So it felt ominous.


Everyone I know seems to be taking an occasional day or two to cower, then to get back to yoga, karate, sewing masks, whatever they do to cope & stay the course.


I wrote this yesterday:


Are you listening



Are you listening

to the Blue Sky Boys right this minute?


If so, is it "Asleep in the Briny Deep"

& are you crying? 


If not, do you really have anything

else to do with your life?

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