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Buster Maurice Stanton Nauen (2008-January 24, 2020)

His last morning on earth. 

No more running to the door to meet me. No more clawing the bathroom door open demanding treats. No more snuggling between us on the bed. No more galloping around like a crazy person at 4:30 in the morning. No more nonstop purring the minute he climbs into my lap. No more sleeping on my head, holding my finger. 


Buster was a gentleman, a love bug, who never made me think he was condescending to me. We were pals & partners. 


The Mr. Rogers of cats. 


We took him in to be euthanized this afternoon but he died just a moment before they could start. I feel happy about that: that he died on his own terms, & not shorted even by a minute his full life span. And in case you think we made him hang on too long, yesterday the vet said she expected he had a few more weeks. Until she got the bloods. His kidney numbers were higher than the machine could read. She couldn't believe he could walk. But he did. The dying was that quick. 


Buster, please be reincarnated with that big patient heart of yours. 

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