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A rant

Carolyn Maloney is my long-time Representative. She is effective, excellent on guns, healthcare, women's issues (& more), hard-working. Really one of the best people in Congress. She has a potential opponent in the next primary. Not terrible, but absolutely not an improvement. Ditto for my beloved Jerry Nadler, who was my Rep till they moved the lines—he's the most liberal Congress member & someone is challenging him too, claiming to be more "progressive."




Why spend time & money opposing someone good, rather than run for an office they might be able to win (Maloney & Nadler regularly win with 80-90% of the vote) &/or where the incumbent isn't so great.


Since tRump & AOC do people assume that they are qualified for/deserve any office they want? Why are Beto, Stacey Abrams, Hickenlooper, even Steve Bullock who I think so highly of, (et al) running for prez when they potentially COULD be elected to the Senate? Why did Cynthia Nixon run for gov when she could have won a city council or state senate race? Examples abound! Can anyone put party over ego?

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