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In the neighborhood

On the Bowery. The words underneath: "Transform our world with creative response."


I run into Alisa, Ola, Ashley. Do I only know people whose names start with vowels?


I have a frustrating conversation with the checkout person at New Yorkers supermarket. She charges me $1.34 each for yogurts that are 3 for $4. I point out that she owes me 2¢. No! She divides $4 by 3 to prove that they each cost $1.33333333333. Yes, but that's not what you charged me—instead, multiply $1.34 by 3. She looks at the result $4.02 & shrugs. She gives me $10 in singles so I insist on the two pennies I'm owed. She still doesn't believe me but takes them out of a little dish. I think about getting the manager involved, not because of the money but because of the math that she doesn't understand. "Give it up!" I want to say. "I was a math star for Mineola Prep!"

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