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I Heart NY #41919

Mimi Gross! 

At the Post Office, one of the counter ladies was wearing a church version of rabbit ears—they were fine. She was helping someone else but when I stopped she looked up. Can I help you? Gruff. I have to tell you a joke*, I said. They both liked it & we had that moment of New York friendly: total & then totally over. 


Then a chat with the girl at the library about the DVD I was returning, The Sandlot. One of her favorites & she had been excited last week when I checked it out & was thrilled that I liked it. 


Then the wonderful, colorful, happy-making Mimi Gross show at the Eric Firestone gallery on Great Jones street. 

How could one spend a day better? (And I left out some of its pleasures, like running into a couple people I know to say hi to, & sitting on the 5th St bench for our first day of summer out-loud reading, & a nice chat with my brother.)


* Johnny told me these (& several more, which tended to use "eggs-actly" as part of the punchline). 

1) What do you call a rabbit with fleas? 

Bugs Bunny. 


2) What do you call a row of rabbits all walking backwards?

A receding hare-line. 

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