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Coney Island baby

We also saw a big turtle.
It's been years since I've been to the Aquarium. I'm reading What a fish knows: the inner lives of our underwater cousins, & really wanted to see some of my favorite cousins, like the wrasses, who are sometimes called the corvids of fishes: like crows & ravens, they are smart. (That sentence had 2 colons: if I wasn't done in by an early hour of hard exercise I could rewrite it, & maybe I will: later.)

We also saw sharks, tetras, mantas, sea lions, & beautiful & colorful little guys with fanciful names like clownfish ("Nemo!"), angelfish, rabbitfish, lionfish, & so many more that I don't remember.

Turns out I accidentally left this unpublished, so here it is, a couple weeks late.
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