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Pictures from Breughel

The only reason those books are on the floor is because Johnny broke one small bookcase & these are homeless.
I was going to write about the various books I'm reading but then I found an old poem that mentioned Williams's book Pictures from Breughel & I started looking for it. I've upended my house & office to no avail. I did find a pretty good-size stack to get rid of (when the rain stops) but not the Williams. I have his collected, so I can read those poems, but I liked carrying around that ND pb.

I'm reading or half-reading or not-really-reading so many books it's making me sleepy to think about copying out all the titles. Books about fish & Circe & decluttering & WWI poets & by Horace, Angela Thirkell, E.M. Forster & on & on.
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