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English Teeth

What was especially striking in the WWI documentary was how awful most of the men’s teeth were. Men: a lot of them were teenage boys, yet had many black or missing teeth. Very few had all of their teeth. My grandma had full dentures, which she kept at night in a glass of water. I thought they were hilarious & always begged her to take them out & put them back in. Dentists used to tell people they’d be better off without the trouble of maintaining their teeth. F Scott Fitzgerald told Sheilah Graham she had good teeth for an English girl. I guess my mom does too: She’s 95 & has most or all of her teeth & they’re in great shape. I remember when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan the first time, my mother came into the den to see what the fuss was about, took one look, said “they all have terrible teeth” & that was the end of the Beatles for her.
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