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Monday Quote

People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.
~ Isaac Asimov

I'm trying to be good-humored about being given unsolicited (& non-relevant) advice. It's amazing that people you barely know feel free to tell you what they decide is your problem (in this case inaccurately) & what you "should" do about it. This just happened to me & I'm startled at how much goodwill she squandered—she went from being someone I liked casually to someone I will avoid.

I don't think I know everything but I know enough to keep my mouth shut unless asked for my opinion. In that case, the doors are open! How could a woman in her 60s not know that one tiptoes into a subject, & only if warranted ("I notice you fell down drunk. Do you think you might have a problem?") & advice is most likely to be heard when it's presented as "this worked for me" or "have you ever thought about XX?"

Look, I'm annoyed or upset about so much at the moment, & I know this is small. I know she meant well & was probably new to her solution & eager to proselytize. I know my thin is skin right now. You know what you should do? Send me doughnuts. We would both be so much better off.
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