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As I was saying, I'm out of sorts, my thin so skin anyone can look in (if they want to see me). So today I'm irked by this:

I've noticed a few people, in response to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, say something like "it's not just Jews—it's Blacks, Muslims LGBTQ folks, journalists et al who are being murdered/attacked/vilified..." I get their point. Yes, we are all in it together.

But when 9 people were killed in Charleston at the Emanuel AME Church, did anyone say, "it's not just Blacks"? People would have been—rightly—outraged at the suggestion that this horror didn't really count unless you counted all the others that had gone through something terrible. Is the murder of Jews not valid or important on its own? Does it only matter if they are lumped in with others? If you have a terrible accident or disease, do you want to hear who else is suffering—with the implication that their suffering is worse? If your homeland is experiencing a hurricane, do you want it minimized by being reminded of Katrina? Need I go on?
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