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Norwegian politics

This is so interesting—so unlike what we have in the States, with two main parties & many others that exist at best as gadflies, with virtually no power.

Liberal Conservatism?! I can't envision having that, & all these others, as serious choices. Are people more involved because there are more specific ways they feel represented? It would be harder, I imagine, to "hate" your neighbors knowing that each of you has a different idea of the best way to go about things. Or maybe there's more to hate. If we had 8 major parties, would they all be more conciliatory or more rabid?

Does the size of the two countries make a difference here? In general, sure—a homogeneous country of 5.25 million can't be compared in many ways to a diverse nation of 325 million.

I'll be there in 10 days & will find out!
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