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I didn't age & then I did

One day I wasn't old, & now I'm old, & I won't ever not be old again.

I always thought it was gradual but it turns out there's a day with your name on it. You can duck it for a long time but then your day arrives. I'll remember it because it's my friend's birthday (also JFK's).

Also, people lose an average of 9 things a day—that's 200,000 by the time we're 60.

Also, my birthday poem this year was:
I get my kicks
At age 66.

I was so young once.

Update: The day after I wrote this I found a French term for the tendency to look the same for a long time then to suddenly look much older: a coup de vieux, or "age blow." Trust the French to have seen it all when it comes to looks.
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