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Albuquerque II

Rio Grande Nature Center State Park.
Random thoughts about New Mexico...

So clear & dry, I didn't wheeze the whole time I was in New Mexico.

Did the people of the pueblos have any idea that their homes would be abandoned? Do I believe that one day people will stare at the ruins of Manhattan & not believe the population estimates? ("It says here that over a million people lived on this one island. Ha.") I know it's true but it's hard to fathom.

I think there are the people who see something different—for both Mark and me as small children it was Albuquerque's Indians, sitting outside La Placita on blankets, selling turquoise jewelry—and feel the world get bigger & more compelling, imagining themselves as part of that bigger world. And some folks already know their place & don't have any desire or intention to see where they might fit differently—the world is other. I guess you are one or the other from the day you are born. Or maybe because I'm not the oldest, I was left alone to explore? I'm glad to be on the inquisitive side, & I think the people I know who are more sure of their footing are perfectly content with who they are. At this point in my life, I know that people aren't acting contrary (to me), they're just doing what they do.

Mark & I weren't instinctive friends but now we are as solid as it is possible to be. That's true for Johnny & me too. In both cases, it took a long time to resonate, but once we did, it became impossible to disrupt.
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