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New poem

Starting the Day with a Poem

& by “start” I mean before noon
    I’ve been up since 5
& by “day” I mean it’s raining
    & dogs are barking
    & I can’t wake up & can’t back to sleep
    & I missed 10 o’clock class & am on track to miss 12:30
& by “poem” I mean it reveals something above human nature
    or how language drives us like rock
    or how to step carefully on this one path
    or why I’m loved
    or not
& by “headache”* I mean I don’t know if it will help
    to take a Claritin
& by “the cat” I mean can’t he stop with the toe nibbling
& by “music” I mean Johnny Cash, the Louvin Brothers, & the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet
& by “see ya later” I mean see ya later
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