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I was born!

I needed a "proof of birth" letter from the hospital I was born in, so I called McKennan now Avera McKennan in Sioux Falls. The very nice Julie was able to track it down for me with my name & not just "Baby Girl Nauen" because I had also had a tonsillectomy at McKennan. I remembered being 7 & yes, it took place December 20-22 right before I turned 8. As soon as she told me the dates, the memories swooped in of being allowed to stay in the hospital a few hours longer so I could attend the kids' Christmas party. I got a present of a comb. I remember the slight transgressiveness of being there at all, given that we were Jewish. The party was none too festive, taking place in a bare room with a sweaty trying-too-hard guy, who probably had been subbed in without warning. A comb! Probably I threw the count off although I don't remember other kids getting anything I envied.
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