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Old old old

I really have no problem calling myself old. I read an article that suggested "perennials" for people my age, given that we Boomers don't like being "seniors," "oldsters," "sages," or even "senior citizens." Me, I'm old & thrilled: I get to ride the subway & buses for half price, & yesterday I got a 100% free membership to the Chinatown Y, 2 blocks away, which has a sauna & pool, as well as classes & all the gym equipment I need.

We sang happy birthday last night to one of our YAI karate students, who are all learning-disabled adults. He was jumping up & down with ecstasy. That's how I feel on my birthday but I know (because I've been told) that I'm not supposed to care that much. But wow, the presents I'm getting now that I've hit 65!
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