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"Are ya braggin' or complainin'?"

I love fight-spawned bruises! I loved the fighting the other night, the last evening of testing in our karate promotion. It was all seniors who are good fighters, so I didn't have to be careful of anyone's frailty. I don't bruise easily so I'm rather proud of this one. The correct answer (to a question my husband asks when someone is being disingenuous): bragging! I am exhilarated that I could hold my own with some excellent fighters.

I'm not really a good fighter. My only strength is that I'm not afraid to get hit or to fight anybody at all. I don't know why but I always believe (all evidence to the contrary) that I belong in there. Not even believe—I think it's more that I don't think about it. They're there, I'm there, let's go!
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