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Tesla! I would just regurgitate the link, so go there—it's a comic—you will whiz through & be amazed!

Is it true that Edison mostly stole other people's patents? I used to spend time in northern Ohio, & I believe he's from Milan. Or am I somehow mixing him up with the Milan (pronounced MY-lin, by the way) Melon Festival? I must have read a kids' book about Edison—I remember he was deaf or near-deaf because someone boxed his ears on a train, & I spent a long time trying to understand how one's ears got boxed.

See, I'm doing the same thing that happened to Tesla (1856-1943) his whole life—talking about Edison when Tesla is the object at hand. Tesla, who was the Leonardo of the 19th century. If you don't believe me, check out the Facebook page "Leonardo da Vinci Is Nikola Tesla."
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