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Out of the rhythm

It's funny—as soon as I wrote the below, but before I could post it, I fell back into a blog groove. Internet is still out more often than not at my office, so that's not it. I would have guessed it's my aches & pains—karate being a young person's game—but they're worse now than when I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. Is it like an athlete who's in the zone? How does that work? Plenty of sleep & fresh air, or, who knows, it could be Dock Ellis pitching a no-hitter soon after taking LSD. I've been in the groove as a writer over the years, but I'm not sure it ever meant I was writing a no-hitter, as it were. In fact, the easier it flows, the more likely you've said it before and/or someone else has said it better.

Half a post....:
I can't figure out why I'm not posting regularly. It's the first time since I started this blog almost 4 years ago that I haven't been daily with it (except when I was away, or it was holidays, or something really big was going on).

Part of the reason is the internet has been out a lot at my office so I haven't been in the groove here. Working at home means I never really settle down to anything except the immediate task, meaning, generally, something with a deadline.
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