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Laughing all the way to Oslo

Johnny & some of the grandkids + elder son
Last week was so hectic that I never wrote about half the stuff I did:
* Saw Kevin Kline in Present Laughter, a Noel Coward play. He plays a ham without being a ham, utterly funny & wonderfully graceful.
* Saw Tony-winner Oslo at Lincoln Center. Unfortunately, we were in the very last row & it was both cramped & at times hard to hear, so the play felt a little too long. The best part was when people burst out with their most deeply held beliefs & you felt like this (Israeli-Palestinian conflict) never could be resolved. But the hope (no matter how things turned out later) was wonderful & seeing negotiation in action illuminating.
* Father's Day with Sean & his 3 wonderful kids.
* Lots of classes & work & reading & my sister's visit.
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