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Inspired this week by all the political ferment to volunteer for a candidate running for City Council in my district, the smart, charismatic, & local Carlina Rivera, who I'd met at an event sponsored by Eleanor's Legacy, a group that works to elect pro-choice Democratic women in New York City and New York State.

A day or two ago, I went out "knocking," which literally is knocking on doors. I was surprised how many people buzzed us in without question. Mostly our encounters were brief, just handing out information & reminding them to vote in the primary. One guy, however, said-shouted, "I'm a registered Democrat! but I voted for Donald Trump! I wasn't getting behind what Hillary Clinton was selling! I see your face! I see you reacting!" We tried to steer him back to the local race. "I'm a Democrat! I voted for Trump! And now they're trying to kill him!"

Which made me think that if tRump had a legitimate 70-year-old out-of-shape stressed man's heart attack, no one would believe it.

As we were walking back a Staten Island–bound bus honked & honked. Not, as it turns out, because my co-knocker Kamini was so beautiful (she is) but because my friend Eli was driving. And then my bike lock stuck & Carlina's very nice husband, Jamie, got it unlocked (so I could toss it).

Eventful day!

I'll knock again soon.
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