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It's already a few weeks since we saw this movie—I even had to look up the title. Sometimes early enthusiasm wanes & sometimes I like a movie more in retrospect. This one I guess I was indifferent to or bugged by from the start.

Richard Gere just didn't seem Jewish, & that was an essential component of his character & the world he lived in. And Steve Buscemi as a cursing, shoving, garbage-kicking rabbi?!

Could Norman really have arranged all these deals, or were those scenes more of his fantasy? What basis was there for a supposedly enduring friendship with a man he only met a couple of times, the prime minister of a country no less. Why would he choose to eat peanuts—already loudly & repeatedly signaled as his deathly allergy—in public where someone might be able to help? Why make it so obviously suicide? Why does Norman obsessively offer to help people he doesn't know? Do any of his plans work out?

Yeah, I had a few problems with the movie (which got great reviews for the most part). Everyone could see what was coming—even me, the master of suspending disbelief. The editor in me just can't let go of inconsistencies....
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