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America's pinkest city

I love when my hometown shows up in the news (at least when it's for beauty not some crazy dingbat move by a senator or state rep).

This article talks about Sioux quartzite, a very hard, reddish stone. My high school & many important downtown buildings, along with some of the fancy late 19th-century homes on Prairie & Duluth avenues, are made of Sioux quartzite, so it never seemed that special because so ubiquitous. Beautiful, for sure, but how was I to know it wasn't like this everywhere?

Lots of photos at the link or learn more at siouxquartzite.com

Because I live in New York City, where a place like Sioux Falls seems as remote as Ulan Bator to most East Coasters, I probably have fallen a little bit into the idea that "no one" has ever heard of or been to South Dakota. However, I just discovered a series from a couple years ago in The Atlantic by James & Deb Fellows about Sioux Falls that really puts it on the map. Take that, all you friends of mine for 20 years who still guess that I'm from North Dakota or Idaho or "somewhere out there."
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