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What if

What if you could (legally) change your birth day? Would you?

(Not the year.)

(Or maybe the year?)

What date would you prefer to your own?

Me, I think February 18 can't be beat. Plus a different date just wouldn't be mine. I sometimes dream I'm married to someone else & living in a different home. It's disorienting. It's unpleasant.

I guess I could get used to a different date, if I had to, but I think it would be like having a facelift & having to prove to your peers, "No really, I'm your age & went through what you did!" Underneath, it's still you.

I took a little poll & everyone I asked is perfectly happy with their birthday. Horrified at the idea of a different one. I think only folks born the first week of January might opt for a replacement.
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