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International Women's Day (prize edition)

I sat here staring at this hed & wondering what to say about IWD & mostly thinking about its being the birthday of my niece. Decided I would go downtown & get my big reward for being an official Senior Citizen: my half-price metrocard. Whoopie!

Ha ha, my favorite story: I was on the subway a few months back & noticed a handsome young man making eye contact with me. Exactly at the moment I was telling myself, Yup, you've still got it!, he said, "Would you like my seat, ma'am?"

I guess if I felt decrepit, turning this exalted age would make me feel bad, but since I am full of vim (mostly), I think it's great. If I cared, I suppose I'd dye my hair & try to pass for younger. But really, how much younger could I be? or would I like people to think I am?

Here am I.

(Also, I have now aged out of Pap smears. And into the pneumonia vaccine.)
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