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The march

I have mixed feelings about it. Will t.Rump & his merry band give a hoot or will they see it as a waste and diversion of our energy, time, money? He certainly appears impervious to public opinion. And will it galvanize us to devote energy, time, money to stopping his plans or will folks feel like this was it, this is what they did, this is all they need to do? I know people who fall on either side of that line, so it's hard to say. All too many people think reposting witticisms is activism.

Part of my reluctance is that I don't like big crowds. Part of it is I don't like to travel on Saturdays (the Sabbath)—I head for a nap not a hike on Saturday afternoons. Part of it is that's hours I could be calling my congresspeople, finding a way to gift subscriptions of Teen Vogue to libraries & schools in conservative areas, planning a women's self-defense seminar, & helping social justice organizations be clear about their aims & plans.

Can the march hurt? Probably not. Can it help? Did the 1963 March on Washington help? Yes, it seems it did. An article in The Week lists its 4 main accomplishments as creating momentum for the Civil Rights Act, making racism uncool, sparking the career of the NFL's first black quarterback, and saving the civil rights movement.

If we can fortify people's determination to live justly & reject intolerance, it will be worth it.
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