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I'm trying to find coherent & consistent stats, but the fact is, that despite the rhetoric, Jews are attacked more than Muslims. My rabbi meets with the imam of the nearby mosque: We have your back. Do they have ours? Do they even know they should?

Both the left & the right seem to be antisemitic in noticeable ways. Not everyone. By no means everyone. But—for example—I can't think of the last time a non-Jew posted or wrote something condemning anti-semitic acts.

This is hard to think about. I don't feel in danger but wouldn't we always rather be the helper than the helped?

"Physical dangers to Jews in America are quite real, as anyone who regularly passes by security guards in order to attend synagogue or drop off their children at a Jewish school already knows. While Jews constitute 2.2 percent of the U.S. population, according to an FBI report released earlier this month, we are the victims of 52.1 percent of the religiously motivated hate crimes in America (Muslims are the second most-victimized group, at 21.9 percent [with about 1% of the population]). Yet while many of us are deeply—and rightly—concerned with violence directed against blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, gays, women, and other groups, especially in the age of Trump, the one group that is consistently and conspicuously missing from the victim lists that circulate on campuses and elsewhere is Jews."
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