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Pray for our country

The Nantahala George, near the Chattahoochee Forest of North Carolina.
Too much to say & not enough.
Do we take the high road or fight? Can we do both?
Do we have to understand "them" when they don't care to understand "us"?
Fury, horror, fear, disgust.

However, I believe—I know—I am not surrounded by haters. When I reach out & ask, I can connect. We all can.

On the plane Wednesday morning, I looked around. Everyone seemed fine. Neutral. Was I really the only one who cared?

I made chitchat with my seatmate & then took a deep breath: Are you as devastated as I am?

Well! We talked the rest of the way, in profound agreement. We bonded so quickly that we exchanged contact information (she is wonderful & I really do want to stay in touch—it wasn't a foxhole connection). I could have sat for 2 hours in despair but making a small effort made everything (a little tiny bit) better.

Love & justice will prevail. Little by little we will reach out, say no when we need to & yes when we can. Love & justice will prevail.
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